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5 Best Mens Retreats featuring Alchemy of Men Retreat Australia

Updated: Jun 30

In today's hectic world, men often find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of work, family, and societal expectations. This can leave little room for self-care and mental health. Retreats are becoming a normal alternative options for Men's Mental Health. Men's Retreats offer an invaluable opportunity to step away from daily pressures and focus on personal growth and wellbeing. If you're looking for a transformative experience, here are five of the best men's retreats worldwide, featuring the exceptional Alchemy of Men Retreats, along with their average costs.

1. Alchemy of Men Retreats: Transform Your Life

Location: Cairns, Queensland Australia

Overview: Alchemy of Men Retreats offers a unique and transformative experience designed to help men reconnect with their inner selves, improve mental health, and build resilience. These retreats are held in some of the most tranquil settings around Australia and are led by experienced facilitators who provide a transformational experience from start to finish.


  • Holistic Approach: Combines a variety of activities including rites of passage, practical tools for anxiety and depression, breathwork, fire circle and more....

  • Supportive Community: Connect with other men on similar journeys.

  • Expert Guidance: Personalized support qualified facilitators who specialise in anxiety depression and trauma

  • Healing Environment: Retreats take place in peaceful locations that promote relaxation and self-discovery.

Accommodation: Typically comfortable resort style cottages or eco-lodges.

Average Cost: AUD $1700 - $2500 for 3 day weekend retreat, including shared or private room accommodation options, meals, and activities. This retreat is great value with quality retreat content and accommodation options.

Why It Stands Out: Alchemy of Men Retreats uniquely blends alternative practices with practical tools and techniques to transform your life. Specialising in working with men who are struggling with anxiety and depression, you are fully supported.

2. Wild Heart Men's Retreat

Location: New Mexico, USA

Overview: The Wild Heart Men's Retreat in New Mexico is designed to help men reconnect with themselves and nature. This retreat focuses on emotional healing, personal growth, and building a supportive network of peers in the breathtaking landscapes of New Mexico.


  • Emotional Exploration: Workshops on personal and emotional growth.

  • Outdoor Activities: Hiking, camping, and other nature-based activities.

  • Peer Support: Emphasis on building a brotherhood of support.

Accommodation: Rustic camping in the wilderness, enhancing the connection with nature.

Average Cost: AUD Approx $3,000 - $3,700 for a five-day retreat, including accommodation, meals, and activities.

Why It Stands Out: The combination exploring, hiking and resting, and great food. Retreat from everyday life and its responsibilities, and enter a kind, heart-centered, male-friendly space where you can explore your own wild heart and its grounded sovereignty and expression.

3. Sacred Path Men’s Retreat

Location: Colorado, USA

Overview: The Sacred Path Men’s Retreat offers a spiritual journey into self-discovery, focusing on reconnecting with nature and exploring spirituality through various indigenous practices and rituals. Set in the majestic mountains of Colorado, this retreat provides a serene and transformative environment.


  • Spiritual Practices: Incorporates rituals, meditation, and sweat lodges.

  • Nature Immersion: Deep connection with the Colorado wilderness.

  • Community Building: Creating a supportive and understanding community.

Accommodation: Comfortable cabins in the mountains, blending comfort with nature.

Average Cost: AUD approx $3,000 - $4,500 for a five-day retreat, including accommodation, meals, and activities.

Why It Stands Out: The unique focus on indigenous spiritual practices offers a profound and transformative experience for men seeking spiritual growth.

4. The Mankind Project: New Warrior Training Adventure

Location: Various Locations Australia and Worldwide

Overview: The Mankind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure is an intensive weekend designed to help men step into their true potential. This retreat challenges participants to confront their fears, embrace their strengths, and take responsibility for their lives.


  • Intensive Experience: A rigorous weekend that pushes participants out of their comfort zones.

  • Personal Growth: Focus on self-discovery and personal responsibility.

  • Global Reach: Available in multiple countries, making it accessible to men worldwide.

Accommodation: Basic dormitory-style lodging or shared cabins.

Average Cost: AUD $1,000 - $1,500 for a weekend retreat, including accommodation and meals.

Why It Stands Out: The New Warrior Training Adventure’s intense and immersive nature sets it apart as a powerful catalyst for personal transformation.

5. Hero’s Journey Retreat for Men

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Overview: The Hero’s Journey Retreat for Men in Bali encourages participants to embark on their own journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation through storytelling, rituals, and adventure. The retreat is inspired by Joseph Campbell’s concept of the hero’s journey.


  • Storytelling: Use of myth and storytelling to frame personal experiences.

  • Adventure Activities: Includes activities like hiking, rafting, and team challenges.

  • Rituals and Ceremonies: Incorporates various rituals to mark the stages of the journey.

Accommodation: Luxurious villas or eco-friendly resorts.

Average Cost:  AUD $3,500 - $4,500 for a seven-day retreat, including accommodation, meals, and activities.

Why It Stands Out: The thematic approach based on the hero’s journey creates a unique and engaging framework for personal growth and transformation.


Attending a men’s retreat is a powerful and normal step towards better mental health and personal wellbeing. These retreats provide a much-needed break from daily stresses and offer valuable tools for managing life’s challenges. Whether you're seeking a holistic transformational experience, a spiritual journey, or an adventure-filled retreat, these five options offer something for everyone.

Why Choose Alchemy of Men Retreats?

Alchemy of Men Retreats are the top pick for the 5 Best Mens Retreats

it stands out for its comprehensive approach, combining traditional and alternative techniques to address all aspects of men’s mental health. Ready to transform your life and connect with a supportive community? Learn more about Alchemy of Men Retreats and take the first step on your journey to improving

and wellbeing.

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