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Personalized program for Growth and Development




Stress and responsibilities get in the way and take priority and before you know it things feel out of control, going through the motions each day just trying to keep up. 

STEP INTO THE FUTURE focuses on your personal life journey and the specific events in your life that have shaped who you are.  These events have created patterns, stress responses, and triggers that now hold you back from moving forward and fully stepping into your full potential.  This unique program focuses on individual growth and growth in all relationships (intimate partner, friends, family, kids) 



SAVE MY RELATIONSHIP is often the first indication that something is not right?  That you are not happy.  You may have become distant and stopped focussing on your partner and the arguments and disagreements start to become all too familiar and too regular or you notice you are living two separate lives.  This program is specifically for couples where we start with individual sessions and then move forward to include your partner in the sessions.

All programs are tailored to your individal needs.

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Psychology Session

Important Step Forward is to identify if your relationship is in trouble..

Are you experiencing the following?  


Our 8 Week Online Program works with you to identify and clear patterns of disharmony that have been playing themselves out for years.

  • Are you angry and frustrated with your partner?

  • Do you often withdraw or shut down?

  • Do you feel alone and do not know how to fix this? 

  • Do you love your family so much, you cannot bear the thought of losing them?

  • Are you talking about separation or divorce?

  • Are you or your partner experiencing trust issues? 

  • Have you lost your desire and passion for your partner?

  • Do you feel unheard and unable to communicate with your partner?  Is she always yelling at you?

  • Do you feel like your boundaries are being crossed and you feel misunderstood? 

  • Have you forgotten what it’s like to have fun together?

  • Have you talked about counseling and you have refused to go?

  • Does your Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, or Childhood Memories affect your relationships?


This unique 8-week online program includes 8 Zoom Meetings including practical tools you can use to create balance in all areas of your life.  This program is a personalized program that addresses individual stress, past events, triggers, and reactions including anger and frustration, and how this is affecting all areas of your life.  Relationships are a big part of your life whether that is with an intimate partner,  friends, work, or family.  Throughout this program you will learn how to step into your future with all the tools you need to create balance and harmony in your life and improve your relationships.

If you answered yes to any of these questions. Start your personalised program today.

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This is not a counseling program, it's about learning new skills to positively move forward in your life and in your relationship.  It’s not just talking about what's happening and bringing up the past.  It's about moving forward with all the practical tools you need to be happy and enjoy each other again.

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Online Meeting


8 Weekly Online Zoom Meetings where we will explore each key topics for change.  You will receive all the skills you need to manage daily stress, overthinking, strong reactions, and emotions such as anger, frustration, and grief.  We will work together to motivate and support you to change and keep you accountable. Providing a safe place for you to move forward within your relationship.

Note : There is an opportunity to invite your partner to join you in a session where we move towards safe communication, growth, and connection. 


Your investment in your Mental and Emotional Health and Well-being is $1080 ($135 each week for 8 weeks). 


You will learn some really effective tools to challenge yourself to make some really great changes in your life to reduce stress and anxiety that will have you feeling better as well as improve your relationship. 

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