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We are committed to offering you programs that empower you to take control of your emotional health and wellbeing.

To invest in your future you want all the information and if your questions are not answered here please contact us today on 0418 336 482

  • What is a Men's Retreat?
    Alchemy of Men Retreat is a transformative experience designed specifically for men seeking personal growth, self-discovery, and healing. It offers a safe and supportive environment for men to explore their life challenges, and reconnect with their authentic selves. Arriving at 9.30am on the first day (this could be a Friday or a Saturday) and departing 1.30pm on last day (this could be a Sunday or a Monday)
  • What Sets Alchemy of Men Retreat Apart?
    At Alchemy Of MEN, we specialize in working with men who are experiencing anxiety, depression or the effects of childhood trauma. Each retreat has a limited number of men keeping the group small so that each retreat is personalized and tailored to the individual and group needs and outcomes. Alchemy of MEN retreat is unique in its focus on providing transformative experiences for men, integrating a powerful blend of ancient healing practices, modern therapeutic techniques, and immersive nature experiences. We provide practical tools you can use in your every day life to change the outcome. Our team of experienced facilitators and healers are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where men can delve into their emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. We prioritize authenticity, vulnerability, and connection, creating a space where men can explore their inner world and build genuine connections with others.
  • Who is Alchemy of Men Retreats For?
    Alchemy of Men Retreat is for men aged 30-55 who are seeking relief from anxiety, depression, or childhood trauma, and who are committed to their personal growth journey. It welcomes men from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences. Our retreats are not limited to the above as the content and outcomes would benefit all men who are wanting to improve their life by learning how to manage stress and major issues as they present themselves in life.
  • What Can Participants Expect at Alchemy of Men Retreat?
    Alchemy of Men Retreat, participants can expect a transformative experience that integrates ancient wisdom, modern techniques, and masculine healing practices. Our retreats are designed to help men reconnect with their inner strength, purpose, and authentic selves through a variety of activities such as meditation, breathwork, group therapy sessions, and nature-based rituals. Our experienced facilitators create a safe and supportive environment for men to explore their emotions, address trauma, and cultivate healthy relationships with themselves and others. In addition to the emotional and mental aspects, participants can also expect to engage in interactive workshops addressing overthinking, anger, resentment, healthy relationships, guided drumming journey, intuitive breath work, fire circle and rights of passage to name a few. Ultimately, our retreats aim to guide men on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and personal growth, fostering a sense of brotherhood and community along the way.
  • Why do I resist spending money on my own emotional health?
    At Alchemy Of MEN, we understand that investing in your emotional health and wellbeing can feel like a daunting and unfamiliar concept. Many people may resist spending money on these aspects of their lives due to societal stigma, fear of judgment, or simply not understanding the incredible benefits that come from prioritizing emotional wellness. However, we believe that investing in your emotional health is just as important as investing in your physical health. Our unique approach to healing retreats for men offers a safe space for you to explore and address emotional and mental health challenges in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. By investing in our programs, you are investing in your overall wellbeing and personal growth, which can have long-lasting positive effects on every aspect of your life. Our experienced facilitators and thoughtfully implemented retreat experiences are designed to help you break through resistance and embrace the value of prioritizing your emotional health.
  • What's included in the Cost?
    Our retreats are designed to provide a healing and transformative experience for all participants. The cost of attending a retreat includes: Accommodations: Comfortable and private or shared accommodation in a natural setting are included in the cost. We believe that the environment plays a crucial role in the healing process, and our retreat locations are selected with this in mind. Nutritious Meals: All meals during the retreat are included, and we prioritize locally sourced, organic, and healthy food options to nourish the body and support overall well-being. Expert Guidance: Throughout the retreat, participants will have access to experienced professionals who are dedicated to the practices and teachings of Alchemy Of MEN. This includes workshops, challenges and activities. The content is tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Activities and Experiences: The cost covers access to a range of activities and experiences designed to promote healing and personal growth. These may include nature walks, group workshops, interactive processes, rights of passage, intuitive breath work, fire circle, and more. - Support Materials: Participants will also receive support materials, resources, and tools to continue their journey beyond the retreat, helping to integrate your experience into your daily lives. Ongoing Support: Our commitment to our participants extends beyond the duration of the retreat. We offer ongoing support and access to a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to personal development and healing. Overall, the cost of attending a retreat at Alchemy Of MEN is inclusive of all essential elements necessary for a meaningful and impactful experience, aimed at empowering you to embrace you true potential and live you best life.
  • How can I register?
    Registration for Alchemy of Men Retreat can be done online through the official website. Early registration is recommended as spots tend to fill up quickly.
  • Is Alchemy of Men Retreat suitable for me if I've never attended a retreat before?
    Absolutely! Alchemy of Men Retreat welcomes both newcomers and experienced retreat participants. The program is designed to meet men wherever they are on their personal growth journey and provide them with the support and tools they need to thrive.
  • I am currently experiencing Anxiety and Depression Should I still Come?
    Yes, absolutely. Alchemy Of MEN is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming space for men to address their mental health and emotional well-being. Our experienced practitioners are trained in supporting individuals with anxiety and depression, and our services are designed to help you navigate and heal from these challenging experiences. We believe that seeking help is a courageous and empowering step, and we are dedicated to providing compassionate and effective support to help you thrive. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us and talk to us. Note: If you need immediate help or experiencing suicidal thoughts please seek help now through your own professional services in mental health plan or call Lifeline or Menline (click tab NEED HELP NOW to access websites and phone numbers)
  • Can I come with a male friend, relative, family member, colleague?
    Yes, you are able to come with another male who is known to you. Multiple bookings can be made at time of purchase.
  • Can you tell me who will be on the retreat beforehand?
    No. Whilst we try to give you some idea of what the retreats will entail, we do not share personal information of other participants. Ultimately each man is there to do their own self-work and exploration. You will be required to sign a privacy policy to ensure the safety of all participants.
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