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Energy is your freedom to be in control of how you show up.

Master your energy and become empowered to live life deeper than before.

This simple exercise is one of many ways to build energy.

In search of a way to beat the afternoon slump without having another coffee? Trying to do a PB at your Park Run? These are the questions that lead me to working with my own energy systems.  Each time I needed that extra boost I would just visualise different patterns flowing in and around my body.  


Weather you believe it or not there is more to the human body than we can see.  If we can find a way to be in the flow then thats a good thing? I found as Im sure you will also to conciuosly work with your own energy flow will enhance each moment of your day.  What I am describing for you here is really the tip of the icberg and a starting point.  You can try adding in what works best for you and developing your own techniques

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